"Separating the drama from the reality!"

Listen in with Dr. Donna as she explores real-world, everyday issues with the help of her team and see how she applies the methods and tools of Eudaimonia® Psychology to "separate the drama from the reality" helping everyone see how to live in a world of calm! Along the way you'll get a chance to meet and hear first-hand from the exclusive network of Eudaimonia® Certified Clinicians as well as some very special guest speakers.

Dr. Donna's Podcast Mission

"Leaving the world better than we found it, one podcast at a time!"

"Reframe" will highlight issues submitted by listeners giving them take-a-ways, practical step-by-step actions that they can use in making their lives more enjoyable. Listeners will become proficient at "staying out of the weeds" of life by focusing on what they want, not what they don’t want. They will stop looking at what’s going wrong in their world and learn how to look at what’s going right, and create ways to celebrate all the "good" that surrounds them.

The first ten podcasts will introduce the methods and tools of Eudaimonia® Psychology, along with meeting Eudaimonia® Certified Clinicians who are ready to serve all our seekers. We will explore what feels wrong in the world and begin to reframe it. The ultimate goal will be to change the way we look at all things, because if we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change! Dr. Donna will invite some very special guest speakers who specialize in the varying topics of discussion.

We will talk about how each and every one of us can become attracting magnets when it comes to money, relationships, career, and health. We will explore plant medicine and its role in healing organically. Moving forward our listeners will send in their topics of concern as they guide our conversations and we bring forward eudaimonia remedies along with special guest speakers who will provide facts and scientific proof in an entertaining way that will educate and amuse our listeners.

Launching Late Fall 2022