Dr. Donna the Author

Decide & Thrive

Dr. Donna's book, "Game On", chronicles her journey from being a young mother of three on Long Island – with a psychology degree and little money – to becoming the New York Jet's mental health clinician and producing her own TV show based on her fast-paced therapy, "Necessary Roughness", that won a Golden Globe nomination for its star, Callie Thorne, and the Voice Award for raising mental health awareness.

"Dr. Donna focuses on the fact that, as in sports, life is 90% mental and 10% physical. In her book, Game On! she proves it over and over."

~Jeff Lewis
Interior Designer & Celebrity Personality

Book excerpt: "I had to be patient and believe that everything happens for a reason: the good, the bad and the ugly. None of this would have been possible without learning how to take a moment, breathe and understand that there are no mistakes –  just opportunities that present themselves to us if we keep our eyes open and our minds clear of the negative self-talk, with which we all live."